Loves (and is good at) training, facilitation & public speaking

I have extensive public speaking experience and absolutely LOVE doing it. Here are a sampling of the sessions I’ve done.



Getting BETTER Results by Doing LESS Training

Presented at Learning Solutions 2012 

Stakeholders often come to us asking for courses, but the courses are either overkill or aren’t what is needed. And sometimes they do need “courses,” but only to check off a box. But in either case, developing courses ties up resources (including learners’ time) that they could use for better purposes. When we are asked to build courses, we have a responsibility to challenge and validate that creating a course is the most effective and efficient approach.

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Session Feedback:

“Great session! Too short”
“Both very enthusiastic and practical.”
“Excellent presentation! Would like to see expanded versions of workshops on this topic.”
“Great session!! Very informative presentation. Loved the text polling.”
“..Scenarios were uber-helpful”
“Excellent! Great speaker with awesome knowledge!”

Assuring That Your Performance Support Initiatives Aren’t Getting “Lost in Translation”

Presented at Performance Support Symposium 2012 

How can you ensure that the organization sees you as a valued contributor? The best way is for you to understand and support it in reaching its goals. Performance support is one of the few organizational processes with an opportunity to align individual performance with the strategic goals of the business. How do you align with and successfully translate these goals into the actions necessary to meet them? Presented at Performance Support Symposium 2012

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Session Feedback:

“Great engagement!”
“Excellent session- validating and wonderful conversation!”
“Loved the use of polling to get audience involvement”

The Art & Science of Presentations

Presented multiple times

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“Mike , yet again I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar.  I agree with one of the individuals that said you would need about 6 more of these.. only I am thinking double that LOL.. I love how these seminars are taught and i wish we could do them longer.. i was shocked on fast the time goes by.”

“I’m looking forward to the rest of this series, and hope you expand it. This works so much better for me. I can pick up some tips, put them to work, and then come back to learn more.”

IGNITE Session: Dr Seuss On Performance Support

One of the biggest challenges of implementing a performance support (PS) initiative is simply getting support from your enterprise and stakeholders. As part of the Elearning Guild’s Performance Support Symposium, I was one of six learning leaders who asked to share their insights on how to sell PS to the enterprise … in SIX minutes. This is my response in a fun, fast, and informative format!

View the slides


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